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1500 Brittmoore Rd., Ste 301
Houston, TX 77043
Phone: 713-465-3200

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Automobile Liability Insurance 

In the event you are in an accident, you can be held responsible for injury or damage caused by the accident. If you own a vehicle in the State of Texas, you are required by law to insure both Bodily Injury Liability & Property Damage Liability coverages. To obtain a valid vehicle registration, you are also required to show proof of coverage for automobile liability insurance.

Optional Coverages

Other Coverages are also available ... Such as:
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist
Personal Injury Protection
Collision Coverages
Other than Collision Coverages
Rental Reimbursement
Towing coverages
Death Indemnity/Disability Coverages
Gap Coverages
Sound Equipment

What to do if you are involved in an Accident

Stay Calm (Assess the injuries or damage, get medical assistance)
Call the police to file a report (This very important to help determine fault or no fault.)
Limit the discussion of the accident (Let the facts determine fault/no-fault)
Get the facts and details of the accident:
     Date & Time
     Name of other driver
     Phone number
     Address, City, State, & Zip
     Insurance Company & Agent
     Policy number
     Name of witness & contact information
Report the incident to our agency

Call me and let's discuss your options! (713-465-3200)          

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